Marine & Offshore



Discover the power of good visibility. A camera monitor System (CCTV) provides extra eyes wherever needed. Based on our Kingfisher CCTV system, cameras can be used for the security of the ship or offfshore installation and also for safe maneuvering. Furthermore it gives a good overview of all rooms where the crew members are located. In addition we offer live image display of the ship via Satellite by our Kingview camera solution.

Capabilities Kingfisher CCTV system:

  • Tailor-made network based solutions
  • Own maritime camera line
  • Collaboration with strong brands such as Orlaco, Flir, Panasonic
  • Integration of existing analog cameras
  • Display of a camera channel on the IPTV system
  • Kingview camera for displaying live Satellite images during the journey
  • Integration with the fire detection and alarm system
  • An installation prepared “Out of the Box” delivery


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